Water Treatment Solutions

Our working partners, Aquastat water treatment specialists, are an established and experienced supplier of specialist Water Management Services. These services include L8 compliant legionella risk assessment surveys, regular monitoring and water system replacement and repair.

They enable clients to minimise their water management expenditure without compromising on safety. Water systems are kept safe from such dangers as scalding and free from those risks presented by pathogenic organisms, including legionella and E. coli.

Please visit Aquastat.co.uk for more information.


Legionella Assessments

A legionella risk assessment is an assessment of the water systems within any publically accessible building. It will cover the building’s or facilities water systems to include all hot and cold water services (e.g. taps and showers), cold water storage tanks, dental water lines, all hot water providers and any machinery or working process.


Water Hygiene

It may seem an obvious statement, but the way water is stored and distributed in some buildings is undesirable. It is often stored in a way which leaves it open to severe contamination from pigeons, rodents, insects, human contamination and building debris. What’s more, tank rooms are often out of sight and out of mind and may not be inspected for months and even years.


Sampling and Testing

All water sources contain naturally-occurring bacteria, the majority of which are harmless to humans. Any water supplied for domestic purposes, whether for drinking, washing or cooking, must not contain any element, organism or substance that would be detrimental to public health.